Prince William is the Anti-Christ

Evil has a face

OK, so Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, is young, suave, handsome and rich and has a very nice wife. But there is unquestionable evidence showing him to be the anti-Christ, who will unite all the world on behalf of the New World Order. Everything was predicted by Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma, the Bible's Book of Revelations, and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. All tell of a third world war, after which one man rules the world.

Princess Diana, mother of William, was part of the Stuart family, who descend from King Charles II of England. This family has been linked to David, Israel's long-ago king. Anyone planning on claiming that they were Christ as will the anti-Christ, would have to be a relative of David. Diana threw herself down a set of stairs while pregnant with William, and understandably so if she appreciated what she had gotten herself into. She died in an automobile accident, ten months following the letter she wrote to her ex-servant, Paul Burrell, saying he was concerned that a vehicular accident was going to be engineered for her. Think she might have been right? Her murder kept her silent.

William is a clone of material retrieved from the Turin Shroud, the cloth wrapped around Jesus after he died on the cross. The anti-Christ shall claim he is the genuine Christ, and no more persuasive disguise can be had than the body of our Lord. YouTube is rife with videos that compare William to the image found upon the shroud: their nostrils are alike, the lines surrounding their mouths, too, and the bridges of their noses. They're even equally tall.

British newspapers exist to be the playthings of a couple of press barons, and there is no possibility of keeping a job without consistently portraying William as nice.

In the Bible, Revelations 14:9 says that all who follow the anti-Christ will carry a mark upon their hand or forehead. Prince William has this mark. In 1995, the Washington Post recorded that Prince Charles caused the implantation of an electronic chip to the hand of William, supposedly to enable satellite tracking.

The Bible's Book of Daniel predicts the return of the Roman Empire. This has occurred – in the form of the European Union, which now has one president. Anyone wishing to unify the world would start there.

The date William got hitched was April 26 – just like Adolf Hitler. His wedding date is not the only feature Prince William shares with Hitler.

The full story can be seen yonder.

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Timothy Chilman has worked as an English teacher, although he is now seeking writing and proofreading work and can be contacted at [email protected] University students in Bangkok complained that he was "too enthusiastic" and company students in Prague complained that he was "too theatrical." He used to work in I.T., and was once turned down for a job in Sydney for being "too flamboyant" ("Someone who wears green tartan suspenders to a job interview probably isn't going to fit in here.").

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