Investing In Classic Cars

In this economy most people are worried about their finances. Have you ever though about investing in classic cars? If you invest in the right classic cars you will never lose money on it. Most people who read my articles know that I love muscle cars.

In my opinion they are the best classic car investment. If you'd like to start investing in them; the first step you should take in to study what you planning to invest in. There is a wealth of knowledge to be found on these cars.

So now that you have decided to take the plunge you need to bone up on your investment idea. I suggest starting by reading Hemmings Motor news; this is quite simply one of the best classic car publications on the market.

Hammings is a great place to start looking. There is a little bit of everything in there related to classic cars, you just can't go wrong by getting a subscription. Look thorough you new found vein of gold and see what catches you eye.

What to look for when you want to invest in classic cars

  • Look for cars that are very rare
  • Look for cars that are in good condition, and have everything there
  • Learn the numbers such as rpo codes, vin codes, casting numbers, transmission numbers, and all of the other numbers that go along with it
  • Learn the paint codes and interior options
  • know the engine options that were available for the car that you want to buy
  • Research the parts availability for the car, in most cases they will require some restoration work
  • The more you learn about the car that you want to buy, the less of a chance that you will buy a misrepresented car and get ripped off. There is an art to finding these cars, you can't just go buy any old classic car for an investment.

    If your in to muscle cars the way that I am you should look for cars like the L88 Corvette, the ZL1 Camaro, the Shelby GT350, or 500. Well you get the idea here, and Hemi Chrysler will fit the bill there were very few of them built.

    You should plan to break out the wallet, you will not be buying any of these cars for a cheap price. If your are offered one of them for cheap you should run. Your looking at $30,000 for a L88 Corvette that is in bad condition so be ready to pay.

    These cars command a high price, and they get it. I personally saw a 1969 ZL1 Camaro sell for $880,000. The good thing is that they will never be worth less, unless you customize them. They need to be returned to factory stock condition.

    Conclusion: Classic cars are a great investment if o you get the right ones. The key thing here is that you do your research on the car that you want to buy. You can never know to much about the car, this is my two cents, I hope it helps some of you who are looking to buy classic car.

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